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Study 2 was a phase 3 study, comparing the safety and efficacy of oxytrol 3.

There are six different overactive bladder drugs that have been turned into at least a dozen separate products – darifenacin enablex , fesoterodine toviaz , oxybutynin generic, ditropan, ditropan xl, a skin patch called oxytrol, and a topical gel called gelnique , solifenacin vesicare , tolterodine detrol, detrol la , and trospium sanctura, sanctura xr .

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Ask your doctor or pharmacist about the inhaled form of atrovent if you are taking any opiates, such as alfenta alfentanil ; codeine; actiq, duragesic, abstral, fentora, lazanda, sublimaze, or subsys fentanyl ; oxycontin, roxicodone, and oxaydo oxycodone ; or dilaudid hydromorphone drugs for bladder control, like detrol tolteridine ; sanctura or sanctura xr trospium ; or detrol la, oxytrol, oxytrol for women, or gelnique oxybutynin transderm scop scopolamine amantadine dolophine or methadose methadone iosat, thyrosafe, or thyroshield potassium iodide k-tab or klor-con potassium chloride urocit-k potassium citrate .

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